Director of Photography


MV: “Grayhound” by Androu - Director: Savannah White

MV: “Great” by Androu - Director: Androu & Derrick Williams

Web: Artist Profile / BatteCat - Director: Mike Marangu

Web: Artist Profile / Evan’s Tattoo - Director: Tony Yoon

Narrative Short: Karl - Director: Tom Mishra


Narrative Short: Behind Closed Doors - Director: Dennis Chan

MV: “Cold Outside” by Moxie Raia - Director: Audrey Gatewood

MV: “Post Op” by Miki Montebello - Director: Alonzo Hellerbach

MV: “Track 3” by JIL - Director: Tom Mishra

Web: We Are All A Little Crazy - Luke James Shaffer @ Union Stage - Director: Tony Yoon

Web: The Dream.US Round Table - Director: Tom Mishra

Narrative Short: Crumbs - Director: Adisa Duke

Web: Sean McVerry Live Session - Producer: Sarah Mcverry

Web: Sherwin-Williams / Thinking in Color - Director: Tom Mishra

Web: John Splithoff Live @ Bowery Ballroom - Director: Tom Mishra

Web: Anniversary - Producer: House Studios /

Narrative Short: One More Song - AT&T Create-a-thon - Director: Sarah Midkiff

Doc: Dreamer's March - Director: Armando Trull

Web: An Uncomfortable History - Director: Taejun Park & Tom Mishra

MV: "Golden Wings" by Gabriel Garzon Montano - Director: Tom Mishra

MV: "May" by Jordan Rakei / Live At House - Director: Tom Mishra

Doc: Anthony Newman - Director: Sarah Midkiff

Web: American Dream - DACA - Director: Tom Mishra

MV: "Chromatic Descendants" by Oscar Jerome / Live At House - Director: Tom Mishra

Web: House Jams: Alex Mali - Director: Tony Yoon

Doc: Harold Rosenbaum - Director: Tom Mishra

MV: "Show Me" by Mac Ayres / Live At House - Director: Undine Markus

MV: "Emotional Heat" by JIL / Live At House - Director: Tom Mishra


Web: Meet the Creatives / House Studios - Director: Tony Yoon

Narrative Short: Letting Go - Director: Julian Klepper

MV: House Jams: Linus Hablot - Director: Tony Yoon

Narrative Short: Jack the Hypochondriac - Director: Phil Bromhal

Doc: 33 Years (2nd Unit) - Director: Julian Klepper & Nic Koller

Narrative Short: YooHoo - Director: Julian Klepper

Narrative Short: Hurly Burly Excerpt - Director: Julian Klepper

MV: Mannywellz: Do Not Disturb - Director: Tony Yoon

MV: Jacob Collier: Hide and Seek - Director: Tony Yoon


Web: Brandy Visits SoundExchange - Director: Jeremy Mines

Doc: Dangers of the Mind - Director: Jeremy Mines

Narrative Short: Justified - Director: Josh Rodriguez

MV: Live at House - Producer: Stephanie Williams

Narrative Short: The Prayer - Director: Rich Woods

Web: Garagewood Pilot - Director: Mark Arnoldi



Web: (G)I-DLE visits NYC - Camera Operator / All That Korea

Narrative Short: In the Sun - Gaffer / Les Tigres Productions

Doc: In & Of Itself - 1st AC / Walter Pictures


TV: Light the World - Camera Operator / Pixel Corps 

MV: Do it for the Likes - 1st AC

Web: Artist Profiles / Park West Gallery - Gaffer / Chrome Bumper Films

Narrative Feature: Clinton Road - Swing

Web: TriBeCa & Chanel / Through her Lens - First Assistant Camera / Cycle Media

Web: Brich Coffee Training Videos - Grip / Birch Coffee

Narrative Short: Brunch Wars - Grip

Narrative Short: Dead Man Walking - First Assistant Camera

Web: Just Do It: Nike Spec Commercial - First Assistant Camera

Web: Peloton Cycle Interviews - Gaffer / Peloton Cycle

Narrative Short: The Wedding - Camera Operator

Web: Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. - Camera Operator / Market Scale

Web: Netflix's Dear White People Screening/Interviews - Camera Operator / Complex Media

TV: Hella Gay With Amanda McKenna Season 2 - Still Photographer / Fullscreen Media

TV: Kovalev/Ward 2 PPV Pre-Show Interviews - Grip / HBO

Doc: Doctors Please - Media Manager / Periscope Foundation


TV: i24News Interviews - Camera Operator / i24News

Web: Noble Energy - Camera Operator / Picture Lock Films

Web: The Gun Dude - Grip / Picture Lock Films 

Web: 16th Annual DC Hip-Hop Theater Festival - Camera operator / Jeremy Mines Films

Narrative Short - Rotary - Gaffer

Web: InnoVote - Grip / Picture Lock Films 

Doc: Brotherhood of Thunder : Rolling Thunder Documentary - Camera Operator

Web: Casey Foundation - Grip / Picture Lock Films 

Narrative Short: Casting - Gaffer

Web: Humane Society PSA - Sound Recordist / Picture Lock Films 

Web: Healthy Animals - Get To Know Your Veterinarian - Grip / Picture Lock Films 

TV: ESPN - Women's Lacrosse Maryland Vs. Northwestern - Production Assistant

Web: Varonis - You Are More Exposed Than You Know - Grip / Picture Lock Films 

TV: Denny's Commercial - Production Assistant


MV: Tex the Great: Insomnia - Gaffer

Web: AAAS Voices From the Field - Camera Production Assistant / Editor